A good sleep is essential for both parents and babies.

Sleep is a skill babies develop during the first year of life, but they need help from their parents.

Responsive settling is recognising that your baby needs help and sensitively responding.

Tresillian offers some great advice on how parents can help their children to sleep.

Babies can cry because:

☃ Feeling hungry – how long ago did you feed baby? If it was two to three hours ago your baby could be hungry; or within the last 30 minutes of a feed, offer a top-up.

☃ Feeling uncomfortable – have you checked baby’s nappy? Does baby need to be re-positioned in his/her cot? Is baby too hot or too cold? Does baby have wind?

☃ Feeling tired – newborn babies often find it difficult to settle by themselves, so you may need to give them a cuddle to soothe them. This isn’t spoiling baby, but responding sensitively to their needs.

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