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MyMedicare: A New Way to Connect with Your GP

Rosedale Medical Practice will participate in a new initiative called MyMedicare from 1st October 2023. We invite all existing and new patients, who consider us to be your preferred practice, to register with us in MyMedicare from 1st October 2023.

To fill out the Registration Form, click Register Now, or Scan the QR Code. You can also complete the form via your Medicare App, or fill out a paper form at the practice.

Eligibility criteria apply, learn more below.

QR Code for MyMedicare Registration Form

What is MyMedicare?

MyMedicare is a new Commonwealth Government program that recognises and promotes the importance of a continuous relationship with your GP and general practice team. MyMedicare allows you to formally register with your usual general practice and preferred GP. This registration aims to strengthen the relationship between you, your GP, and the team at Rosedale Medical Practice.

By joining MyMedicare, you tell the health system that you trust us to look after you. This means we can get more information about your health from other places, such as hospitals or specialists. This way, we can plan and coordinate your care better with you and other health professionals.

Why is MyMedicare important?

Research shows that having a regular general practice and GP improves health outcomes, reduces health care costs and improves the experience of people receiving and providing care (you and your health care team). Finding a GP and practice that you trust, and formalising that relationship, is an important first step in providing continuity of care. By promoting regular interactions with your general practices, the Commonwealth Government also hopes to reduce visits to hospital and emergency departments, as well as readmissions to hospital. Registering for MyMedicare has various benefits for you as well as for our practice. These are outlined below.

Benefits for our patients

Registration with Rosedale Medical Practice means many things (with plans for more benefits to come). The key benefits to you include better access, better continuity of care, and better planning.

Better Access

  • Access to rebates for longer phone consultations
  • Access to urgent triage and appointments
  • Access to repeat prescriptions and referrals via HotDoc
  • Confidence that we are your trusted GP and team

Better Value

  • Increased incentives to patients over time, to promote and encourage continuity of care
  • Incentives to help Rosedale Medical Practice provide better and more services to you

Better Continuity

  • Our name will be visible on your My Health Record so that we can be updated about your health
  • We update your MyHealthRecord to help your health care team outside of the practice to better understand your health needs

Better Planning

  • Enrolment in our active care monitoring list so that you will be reminded of upcoming healthcare needs
  • Access to targeted health promotion activities

Benefits for our practice

Registering in MyMedicare will help us better understand you, your needs, and help us better tailor our services to meet those needs. This includes providing us with information about patients who choose us, which will help us to target and focus our health check reminders and health promotion activities. 

As your registered practice and nominated GP, our name will be visible on your My Health Record. Most people have a My Health Record but don’t use it very much. Over time, all pathology and test results done elsewhere will have to be uploaded to your My Health Record and be visible to you on your My Health Record App. This will help us collate and be informed about all your care so that we can coordinate care in a comprehensive fashion. 

In the future, the Commonwealth Government will use registration with MyMedicare to provide incentives to us that will enable us to provide better and more services to you. This will include chronic disease management items linked into a patient’s registration to support continuity of care with chronic and complex conditions.

How Do I Join?

Registration will open on 1 October 2023. More information will become available on the MyMedicare website. 

There are essentially three ways to register with us.

  • Apply online via the Medicare app or website
  • Apply via a manual paper form at our practice  
  • Respond to an online invitation we will send you  

Registration is completely voluntary.

You can withdraw your registration at any time. Also, even if you are registered, you can still attend any other practice at any time, especially if we are closed. You can see any of GPs or nurses at any time, not just your nominated GP.

You can only choose one practice to register with.

Even if you registered with us, you can still attend any practice at any time.  

Registration is free.

Registration is completely free and the Commonwealth government is not paying Rosedale Medical Practice for the registration.

Registration is optional and you can change registration at any time 

You can also change your mind and leave the program at any time. It does not affect your Medicare rights or benefits.

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for registration, you must have had 2 in-person visits at our practice sometime in the last 2 years.

If someone in your family is registered, you can register without meeting that requirement.

More information on eligibility will be available after 1 October 2023.  

Register Now

1. Use your Medicare App

2. Fill out our Online Form via HotDoc (click Register Now or Scan the QR Code below)

3. Fill out a paper form at the practice.


QR Code for MyMedicare Registration Form

Is my information secure and private?

All information held by Rosedale Medical Practice is private and held in accordance with our privacy policy.

MyMedicare simply links you to our practice in the Medicare system, so that this link is visible to you and your other health care providers. 

As outlined in this fact sheet, MyMedicare does not hold any clinical information (unlike the MyHealthRecord). It does not allow open access to the records we hold. Medicare already has information about you in relation to all the Medicare services you use – this does not change. You can read more about the MyMedicare Privacy here. 
Useful Resources

How Do I Find Out More?

If you want to know more about MyMedicare, you can visit the Department of Health website or talk to us. We are happy to answer any questions or feedback you may have.

 You can also join this upcoming webinar: “Introducing MyMedicare: A Webinar for Consumers” presented by Consumers Health Forum CEO Elizabeth Deveny and a senior Department of Health and Aged Care representative


We hope you will join MyMedicare and let us provide you with the best care possible. Thank you for choosing Rosedale Medical Practice as your preferred practice.

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