Monday 23rd March 2020

Rosedale Medical Practice will no longer be offering face to face appointments. There will be very few exceptions to this, which will need to be considered on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Effectively immediately, if you are booking an appointment with our practice, you will be offered a Telehealth phone consultation. For the next 6 months, telephone consults will be the default appointment type. If you have already booked a face to face consult, we ask that you reconsider the need to visit us in person.

For patients that require video consults, these will be offered by Dr Saini and may be extended to other doctors if needed.

We don’t want people to avoid medical care, but avoiding the surgery when possible is a very good idea. You could be at risk of becoming unwell from people that are carrying the virus but are otherwise well. We call this asymptomatic transmission.

Reducing the amount of physical visits to our practice will help us to provide face to face care for things such as wound dressings, childhood immunisations and other medical necessities. If you feel that you require a face-to-face visit with your GP, please call our reception on 02 9680 9644 to discuss this.

Details on eligibility for bulk-billing, and our reduced telehealth fees are available at

Lots of people have asked about flu vaccines – we still don’t have stock but will be looking to roll them out rapidly, and safely, as soon as we have them in hand.

Best wishes,

Team Rosedale