Fireside Chat with Health Leaders

Fireside Chat with Health Leaders

Where do I start? There was so much value in this fireside chat with Kelly Chard, Merryn Thomae and Dinesh Palipana.

2020 has been a really hard year. It has “helped us examine our values and ask some really hard questions.” (Dr Palipana).

We’ve seen a cultural shift towards becoming a “caring community”, better able to care for ourselves in addition to our patients and clients. 2020 has fostered a “new ability to reach out and ask for help and ask for support” (Dr Thomae)

We’ve also seen a paradigm shift in the way we see health care teams. In health care team 3.0, our accountants and IT professionals are important members of our TEAM. They play a key role in helping us to understand our business environment, respond to threats and opportunities, and take even better care of our patients by expanding our focus to both business AND clinical excellence.

And this was just a small part of our conversation.

Click here for the full video series.

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Reflecting on the year that’s been

Reflecting on the year that’s been

2019 – the year Rosedale Medical Practice introduced:

✅ Two new practice owners

✅ The NBN

✅ Online appointment bookings

✅ SMS Recalls and Reminders

✅ CareMonitor – our Shared Care Monitoring App

✅ A highly successful Western Sydney University medical student placement, securing our commitment to training the next generation of health professionals

✅ Faxless at its purest, and a dedicated journey towards paperless

✅ Focused data-driven quality improvement strategy

✅ And more

All this wouldn’t have been possible without our patients, who have embraced and supported the change, and an amazing future-focused team that has exceptional, high quality, patient-centred care at its heart.

As we usher in 2020, we remain committed to transforming the health care experience for our patients, our team and our community.

We continue to welcome all new and existing patients. If you’d like to book an appointment, book online via HotDoc, or call us on 02 9680 9644.

We look forward to caring for you and helping you to achieve your health goals.