The end of (long) phone consults?

The end of (long) phone consults?

The federal government has just today released important changes to your Medicare rebates (the amount of money you get back from Medicare for each consultation with your doctor).

These changes will be effective from tomorrow, 1st July 2021:

1️⃣ 😷 Face to face and video consultations:

Your rebate has increased slightly (by 1.5%) so that you will get more back for each consultation.

2️⃣ 📞 Phone consultations:

You will no longer receive a rebate for long consultations. The maximum rebate you will receive is $39.10 (unless you are booking certain mental health consultations).

This means that if you are booked for a long phone consultation, you may be asked to pay as much as $120.90 out of pocket.

If you need a long consultation, we suggest you book a face to face or video consultation instead to minimise your out of pocket costs.

We understand that the government is making these changes to increase Australia’s uptake of video consultations.

If you require a video consultation and have seen one of our doctors in the last 12 months, the best way to book your appointment is via HotDoc. You will be sent a link which will be used to connect you to your doctor at the time of your appointment. Currently Dr Saini is the only doctor offering video consults. Other doctors will join in shortly if there is sufficient demand.

If you have not seen us in the last 12 months, you must book in for a face to face consultation.

Best wishes,

Team Rosedale