Doctor’s Wellness – A Litte Kindness for Care Givers

Doctor’s Wellness – A Litte Kindness for Care Givers

Doctor’s wellness contributes to patient wellness.

I recently posted this on LinkedIn and it sparked many interesting conversations, unearthing a topic that many health professionals consider taboo.

Health professionals truly, deeply care about their patients. I have had the good fortune of many of my patients asking about my well being, my family, whether I’ve eaten enough, slept enough.

My patients really care about me and I feel very privileged that they do. But not every day is easy, and it can be easy to feel quite overwhelmed. I am sharing this as I feel it is a message that really needs to get out there.

I’d also love for you to click through to the LinkedIn link. The comments from my community of friends and colleagues on LinkedIn are a must read.

I also really hope you will share your thoughts – they are an important part of the conversation.

Let’s not forget the care giver

This may be a one off visit for you,

But it’s every day of my life for me.

The look on your face and the tone of your voice can change my entire view of the world.

Remember, I too have feelings and need affection.

I am here because I want to help you, help me stay confident.

I may look like I’m tired, but I value this conversation.

I’m used to being undervalued, underpaid and under appreciated. Keep that in mind.

My family want me to come home. Nothing personal.

I may not speak your language, but I care enough to listen.

I am here every single day, your kindness helps me to enjoy what I do.

Your health professionals need your affection.

In our efforts to provide patient-centred care, let’s not forget the care givers.

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Crediting Dr Samuel Ibrahim for originally sharing the photo below, thank you!!

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