Crying with strangers can change the world

Crying with strangers can change the world

“Not enough of us know how to sit in pain with others.

Worse, our discomfort shows up in ways that can hurt people and reinforce their own isolation.

I have started to believe that crying with strangers in person could save the world.”

Amongst other things, this quote by Brené Brown sums up the art and challenges of #generalpractice beautifully.

One of the most important things we can do for others is to create space for the expression of #discomfort, #vulnerability and #difficultemotions.

It is the privilege our team at Rosedale Medical Practice has when we talk to our patients, our community, and each other each and every day.

And we are forever indebted to our patients for your trust in us as we walk through life’s journey together.

We’re all hurting right now, and we must, above anything else, support each other.

Please – stay safe, get tested, stay home, be kind and reach out.

We’re here, we care, we’ll listen.

With love,

Team Rosedale