I’m always on the lookout for answers to the big questions.

Q: Why is there often a disconnect between policy makers and those on the ground getting things done?

Potential, and at the least, very interesting answer:

A: “Government today, within the developed countries, is such an enormously complex affair that it is doubtful whether the relationship between a given society and its government is really understood by any large segment of the society.

Further, there appears some doubt that modern government responds fully to any coherently stated objectives of the society it serves; indeed there is reason to doubt that these objectives are ever fully stated in a feasible, comprehensible form…

To discuss bringing into a more desirable state an organisation whose objectives, and the necessary and appropriate limitations and constraints, are really not stated is to take on an impossible task.”

Marvin E. Mundel, ‘Measuring and Enhancing the Productivity of Service and Government Organisations’

As cited by W. Edwards Deming in ‘Out of the Crisis’, a book gifted to me by a very significant mentor.

Image credit: unknown source