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Leading ‘Care Outside the Box’

In this interesting conversation, Roz Lindsay from Engage Your Healthcare Leadership speaks with Dr Jas Saini and Gurleen Saini about their experiences as relatively new owners of Rosedale Medical Practice in West Pennant Hills Sydney, Australia. We discuss it all – from the impact being parents has played in their business vision, their leadership reflections, and how they are approaching their aim to deliver ‘care outside the box’.

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Roz Lindsay

Dr Jas Saini

Gurleen Saini

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About This Episode

In this podcast episode, Rosedale Medical Practice practice owners Dr Jas Saini and Gurleen Saini speak with Roz Lindsay from Engage your Healthcare Leadership. 


  • Lessons that come from mentors
  • Patient care starts at the practice reception
  • Culture begins with me philosophy
  • How important purpose is to business success

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