Do 30 Burpees a Day.

Do 30 Burpees a Day.

Setting a goal today.

30 burpees a day for the next 30 days. At the end of the month, I’ll donate $30 to Bandaged Bear.



1) 30 burpees every day for 30 days (22nd July to 20th August)

2) 1 cent for every burpee (total of $9) to your favourite charity at the end of 30 days

3) If you need a rest day, you will need to make it up on your other days so you can tally a total of 900 burpees

4) You must post on LinkedIn every day with the hashtag #30for30

I will be donating $30 to the Bandaged Bear Appeal #forsickkids ( at the end of the month.

Who wants to join me?

Great observations and tips on how to write a brilliant blog from fellow blogger Christian Mihai. Thank you Christian!

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