What does it mean to be a patient of Rosedale Medical Practice?

What does it mean to be a patient of Rosedale Medical Practice?

What does it mean to be a patient of Rosedale Medical Practice?

We are more than just your everyday general practice.

Our team works hard to give you the resources that you need to live your best life. But why on earth does that matter?

Because our mission is to elevate, inspire and influence the world around us to build a better future for our children and our children’s children.

We believe that keeping you and your family healthy will empower you to live a truly meaningful life and be the change you wish to see in the world.

It’s more than just health care, it’s paving the way for a sustainable, healthy and beautiful future.

We’re not in the business of waiting for others to show us the way. We forge the path that others follow.

We are one of the first practices in Australia to ditch the fax and rely heavily on secure messaging, that respects the privacy and confidentiality of our patients, and allows those around us to communicate with us in real time, reducing delays in your care and allowing us to harness your health information in a proactive, efficient manner.

Our CareMonitor Shared Care Monitoring tool allows our patients to communicate with us in real time, making looking after your complex and chronic health care needs much more straight forward.

We are trailblazers, innovators and creators. Whilst others are catching up to the technology of the 21st century, we’re looking to the future, acting local and thinking global.

You might think that we have an enormous team and resources backing us up?

Think again.

We are a small team with a massive vision. We’re not going to show you photos of futuristic waiting rooms with sofas and lounges. We keep human connection at the heart of everything we do.

We are the crazy ones, the misfits and the rebels. Obsessed with providing you the best possible care in the best possible way. The sanctuary in which we practice was once home to Molly Jones, one of Australia’s most loved TV mums from A Country Practice.

What we will promise you is that as soon as you walk into the doors of our practice, you will experience the warmth and compassion of our team. We are a place of hope, humanity and healing.

Our patients are those that don’t believe in compromise. They want health care that empowers them. Health care that inspires them. And health care that allows them to influence the world around them.

I suppose that’s what we mean by Care Outside the Box. Innovative, compassionate, and different.

The house that Molly called home.

The house that Molly called home.

Throw back to 1985 – a scene remembered by many as one of the most heartbreaking in Australian television history – Molly Jones of A Country Practice (played by Anne Tenney) would die of leukaemia, while lying on a couch in the garden watching Brendan play with their daughter Chloe.

35 years on, we reflect on the heritage of the beautiful home we now call Rosedale Medical Practice West Pennant Hills. We reflect on the values of #kindness, #love, #humanity, #friendship, #life, #resilience, that continue to live on to this day. There is something truly magical about serving our fellow humans from the house that Molly once called her home.

“Mad”, we said, “Mad Molly Jones”

But then we didn’t know

The kindness that was hers to spare

The joy that she took everywhere

We simply didn’t know.

“Mad”, we said, “Mad Molly Jones”

But then we hadn’t heard

How she could fight to save a flower,

And give each man and dog his hour

We simply hadn’t heard.

“Mad”, we said, “Mad Molly Jones”

But then we hadn’t seen

That she could make a dull day bright,

That she was colour, warmth, and light

We simply hadn’t seen.

Molly Jones, it’s over

Yet we cannot say goodbye

For all the loveliness we knew

And love of life and friendship true

And laughter brave once dwelt in you

And how can such things die?


Rosedale Medical Practice West Pennant Hills welcomes all new and existing patients. You can book an appointment today by calling (02) 9680 9644, or alternatively using our convenient HotDoc app.

Click here to book via HotDoc.

Creating a Positive Impact

Creating a Positive Impact

Feeling so #grateful to receive this lovely message from our medical student. Thank you to our team and our wonderful patients for being so welcoming and for helping to create an environment of learning for our future generation of doctors. We believe that by positively impacting every person that we meet, we create a cascade of events that helps to deliver a better future for all of us.

“I can’t describe the impact you and the Rosedale team have had on me both personally and professionally; I was blessed to spend my final rotation with all of you and you gave me so much to reflect on during these holidays… Thank you for so selflessly mentoring me :)”

Reflecting on the year that’s been

Reflecting on the year that’s been

2019 – the year Rosedale Medical Practice introduced:

✅ Two new practice owners

✅ The NBN

✅ Online appointment bookings

✅ SMS Recalls and Reminders

✅ CareMonitor – our Shared Care Monitoring App

✅ A highly successful Western Sydney University medical student placement, securing our commitment to training the next generation of health professionals

✅ Faxless at its purest, and a dedicated journey towards paperless

✅ Focused data-driven quality improvement strategy

✅ And more

All this wouldn’t have been possible without our patients, who have embraced and supported the change, and an amazing future-focused team that has exceptional, high quality, patient-centred care at its heart.

As we usher in 2020, we remain committed to transforming the health care experience for our patients, our team and our community.

We continue to welcome all new and existing patients. If you’d like to book an appointment, book online via HotDoc, or call us on 02 9680 9644.

We look forward to caring for you and helping you to achieve your health goals.

Merry Christmas from Team Rosedale

Merry Christmas from Team Rosedale

On behalf of the team at Rosedale Medical Practice, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

Please note our reduced hours over the next few days. We will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day and remain open at reduced hours on all other days (except Sunday).

In Case of an Emergency:

Please call 000

For After Hours Care:

Please call 13 SICK on 13 74 25

Suicide and crisis support

If you are in an emergency, or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000.

To talk to someone now call

Suicide Call Back Service

1300 659 467


13 11 14

Become an Engaged Health Care Leader in 8 Steps

Become an Engaged Health Care Leader in 8 Steps

In this Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association Webinar hosted by the Australian Centre for Value-Based Healthcare, Dr Jas Saini interviews Dr Jack Cochran, recently retired Executive Director of the Kaiser Permanente Foundation. In this interview, Dr Jack Cochran explores some of the concepts of his book, ‘Healer, Leader, Partner: Optimising Physician Leadership to Transform Healthcare’.

Despite numerous advances in health care, patients and their families continue to experience uneven quality and access, and health care systems are increasingly strained of resources and mechanisms to keep care affordable. Our patients rely on us to step forward, lean in and participate in new solutions and positively impact the lives of those providing and receiving care. Dr Cochran argues that winning for patients and families benefits all interests, and requires us to leverage our role as trusted healers and develop our roles as leaders and partners.

Dr Cochran’s book offers practical, actionable learning to help doctors become effective, compassionate and confident leaders, transforming healthcare into what patients want, need and deserve. We break it down into 8 simple things you can do right now to accelerate your effectiveness as a leader.

1. Dare to Innovate

  • We can not solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s solutions
  • Our patients experience health care physically, psychologically, socially, financially and in other ways. We need to step forward, lean in and participate in new solutions to new problems

2. Shift the focus to proactive, preventative health care

  • To ease the rising burden of chronic disease, we must tip the balance from episodic care to proactive, preventative primary and social care

3. Participate Actively

  • We have to reboot our leadership for the 21st century and be more involved in more issues that impact our patients – we can not sit on the sidelines when our patients have problems beyond just their immediate clinical issue
  • If we do nothing, our future will continue to be directed by others. Somebody else will fix things in a way that we may be unhappy about. Change, or be changed. Lean in and stay in the game

4. Listen with Intent

  • We have to be ready to listen, acknowledge, learn and challenge
  • We must learn to listen, collaborate, be clear, compassionate, strong and courageous in our ability to make decisions and lead. None of these skills are innate, much can be developed and are developed
  • It’s not listening waiting for your answer to have a moment for you to pounce. It’s listening to say “hmm..wow”. Good listening often uses the word “wow”
  • Value dissent and challenge cynicism
  • Sit back, reflect and let it simmer. Then, start the conversation

5. Embody Key Leadership Traits

  • Leaders must have integrity (trust is the currency of leadership), professional respect (if you’re not known as a good GP, it’s really hard to lead GPs), emotional intelligence (manage self, self-awareness, empathy), enterprise view (I’m not just here to protect my turf, builds credibility – the ability AND WILLINGNESS to influence and BE INFLUENCED), passion
  • Do not delegate the hard things

6. Create a Culture of Team-Based Care

  • Health care knowledge, information and technology has become increasingly complex demanding a shift from individually competent to team-based care
  • The old rule of individual competence doesn’t have enough power or capability to solve today’s much more complex problems.
  • This is a team sport, we need a system that is going to work together around a common, lofty goal – to save the health care professions for patients and families for patients and families so that we can get great safe care and we can eliminate some of the inequities and some of the other things that plague us
  • Keep in touch with your coalition of courageous colleagues
  • The practice of medicine is a healing art and we have to learn to work in teams

7. Adopt a Principle-Based Approach

  • Remember the 21 year old idealist
  • Health care is an honourable profession. We must work together to keep it honourable, sustainable, relevant and fun
  • There is no leadership vaccine – we must model the traits we would like others to develop, and we must live them
  • Set high standards, get ready to be challenged, and develop a team and culture that says, “help me, please”

8. Care for our Selves, Patients and Colleagues

  • We are not just here to heal our patients, we are also here to heal our friends, our colleagues and ourselves. More health professionals are over-frustrated than overworked
  • We health care professionals are not necessarily very good at treating ourselves and our colleagues well
  • We are trying to solve so many of these problems alone, and it’s just not enough, and we are burning out.