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Screen Time And Kids: What’s Happening In Our Homes?

Owning your own smartphone or tablet is now the new normal for Australian children, new research released today shows. The latest Australian Child Health Poll has found that almost all Australian teenagers, two- thirds of primary school-aged children and one-third of...

Looking after you, looking after your baby

No one can possibly tell you what it feels like to be pregnant, to give birth to a baby or to become a new parent. These are deeply personal experiences and are different for everyone. It is a time of great change and challenge, often bringing feelings of joy and...

Recognise the Early Signs of Autism

Raising a child is both challenging and joyous. Watching your child grow and develop is a source of delight.  Some children appear to develop differently than others. At times, parents may worry about the possibility of autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. Autism...
Mothers – You. Are. Amazing.

Mothers – You. Are. Amazing.

Good morning and welcome back. I wish you well and hope that you feel rested. I’ve been surrounded by amazing mothers this weekend and so I’d like to start the week by sharing this beautiful letter written by Bethany Jacobs - a very honest reflection on the emotional...

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